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CLASH OF CLANS | NEW LEAGUES! First 5000+ Trophies Update! TITAN & LEGEND Leagues!

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  1. awsome the poisen spell is awsome for war

  2. The gfwvfdgrgrhsfsfsgsgsdhche


  4. I still think master league looks the best 

  5. Theres too many titans people on clash!
    Attack on titans lol

  6. @below the free gems are a scam!

  7. That base is lv12 i think and th10 maxed out anyone els see this

  8. oh, it's good to see supper cell is taking care of it's paying high lvled players while everyone else gets shit all.

  9. Is the update out? It doesn't show for me

  10. Did yall catch the new little icon above the attack button? I hope it lets us train troops quicker. Do you know Nick?

  11. There probably gonna make it easier to gain trophies throughout Champion and Titans league so instead of 3 starring a base in champs and giving you only one they're probably gonna make the trophy count a little easier

  12. Sounds like they're also prepping for a TH11 within the next update or two 

  13. Is There gonna be champion III,II and I?

  14. Im in silver 1 ;(

  15. Ugh even more things i have to do

  16. Is it me? Or my clash of clans isn't updated?? lol

  17. With the new Dragon update do an undying dragon video, all healer an one dragon in your clan castle.

  18. Even more cheaters
    This is so bull

  19. Hi when anyone will have free gems he need to download appnana and enter the Code k4609098