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Clash Of Clans | New Level Ability! Gemming The Queen! | All Max Pekka & Healer Attack Strategy!

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  1. awesome work with Pekka s

  2. 11 69

  3. Deleting the Chanel I hate clash sry guys

  4. Level 37 heroes in main acount


  6. #gemeraltina

  7. BK is 17 and AQ is 38

  8. Great video bro!!!

  9. sub to my youtube channel for daily clash content :)

  10. Whould u still play coc if u lost every account u had and if u make a new1 u can't gem???

  11. Pekka MAYHEM

  12. i was just told i have brain cancer and im only 9 and a half so i wanna say thank you for making videos for us and always making my day better i really appreciate it thank you for being the best YouTuber and always making my day thank you!! keep making videos and pray for me. THANK YOU!!!!

  13. i want free gems!!!

  14. I bought that cashforapps thing but it didn't have coc

  15. Hope I can win the gems

  16. My heroes are lv 0

  17. sick video! the good sick ofcourse!

  18. Love your videos

  19. #generalTonybest

  20. #general tonyisnumber1

  21. how do you paticipate in give away

  22. its cool how developers can become youtubers

  23. I love you tony

  24. Very fuzzy tony

  25. When I subbed to this YouTube channel I had so much fun watching all the videos that Tony posted keep up the good work

  26. how about free gems for best new players name?
    i got a few start you off, how bout coc lover…. or a coc sucker, …. or a dribbling coc, as in " you were attacked by"…. you were attacked by, a dribbling coc
    just a thought

  27. hey tony, idk if you know but clash of clans is dying…

  28. Robo in coc

  29. Tony can I join ur clan? My name is Robo

  30. Lol, you suck Grand Warden..xD

  31. General Tony | Clash Of Clans & Clash Royale2 hours ago

  32. lol it would of been funny if the peka took to long to get to the builders hut

  33. "inside of" is bad English, just so you know. Chief Pat is American so gets away with it, but you're speaking the original sir !!

  34. and guys dose cash for apps really work?