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Clash of Clans – NEW LOOT UPDATE!

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  1. Can't hold large amount of loot anymore get stomped by th10s hope that changes and thanks for the info

  2. Thanks for the info my dude

  3. Hey :3 DXC921 From global Remeber me?

  4. nice video 🙂 The update sounds cool
    Now to be clear, supercell didn't listen to us to be nice. after the loot drought began, people started boycotting the game and/or not spending money on it anymore. supercell did this because they were losing money from the old update. If they really listened to us they would give us back town hall farming. Whether they wanted it to be a part of the game or not, we enjoyed it

  5. I can't be the only th9 champs 2 that uses gowipe every attack and is overflowing with loot :/

  6. About time I'm a max th10 and the only way I've been saving up loot is through collectors

  7. Also thanks mr clasher for the vid cos I lose a lot of loot so hopefully this update helps! :)

  8. Mr clasher is Level 12 elixir and gold storage an actual thing?

  9. 23 like

  10. You can visit my base the clan name is Tmans empire its a level 5 clan and my name is John

  11. Nice dude I too have also had problems with my loot but rarely happening but I built a good base so no one has been raiding me that much

  12. Some things to think about:

    1.) How will they choose what the daily should be? (Based on league, town hall, etc?)

    2.) Will they be taking a percentage off the player who is attacking? (So lets say they 100% your base for 600k resources; would they take 5% off of that? or give an extra 5% and let the attacker take the full 100%)

    3.)Will they be increasing the "Treasury" of Clan Castles' storage? (I fill mine up pretty quick with just the Clan War bonus)

  13. What happened to proud youtubers?

  14. Yes!!!! finally!!!!!

  15. nice bro

  16. am still watching

  17. Supercell has listend to us! New Loot Update will be coming soon for clash, get PUMPED! Can we smash 50 likes?! #Clash

  18. frist?

  19. ayyyyeee