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  1. Coc is jopfully going to strike you for the clickbait in other vids and of the titles mothergucked i hope you die of cancer

  2. look at 4:31 the air defense

  3. Where's the Goblin petition?

  4. For which town hall are that troops ?

  5. owhhhhhh

  6. can't wait

  7. that hog riders face at 2:20 lol

  8. you said witch is cool 100 times :)

  9. Nice editing skills dude

  10. J

  11. new air defense……

  12. There is a new air defense lvl. If You Look Closely You will See A Wierd Air defense In The Goblin lvls. OMG☺☺?????

  13. There is also a new Luftabwehr

  14. Why not mention the air defense change?

  15. I will sign

  16. what were the air defence lookin things at 4:31

  17. I love your videos

  18. This is were we show we want the Goblin King! YEEEAAAAAY!

    Let your inner Goblin like this to show your support!


  19. Damn i cant wait for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

  20. guys look at 3.57 in the video

    level 9 air defence

  21. …

  22. If you don't immediately pickup the loot crates or will it stay or can it be stolen in a raid??

  23. They should add another level for giants

  24. the total of trophes is 325 why it is strang

  25. someone please tel me about what i just saw ! Resume buttons for boosted barracks?

  26. Goddamn fuking poison

  27. 3:55 new lvl ad?

  28. These new graphics make me reminded of every boom beach updates lol

  29. new air defense?

  30. hi

  31. what do we need poison spells for if troops will just get out of its range?????

  32. Godson the type of guy to stand and pee

  33. Did anyone saw the new air defence?

  34. Why did they add the poisson spell if it isn't even effective anymore….

  35. Why's the quality so bad?

  36. Rocketeer?

  37. They should put gold armor on the pig.

  38. damn I'm early

  39. The new Air defences look like Christmas light bulbs xD
    I will sign the petition for a Goblin King!

  40. Is it just me who thinks that the new level Goblins looks like lizard dinosaurs?