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  1. Hey beaker what's up I'm loving these videos I have 1 request you should think about posting th 9s and th 10s defending in war to see attacks and Defenses that'd be great keep up the good work!

  2. the new air defence looks like a baby poohed on my base

  3. Im Going To Town Hall 7 :D

  4. Today's my birthday

  5. Lvl 4 inferno does make a big difference you know because if you put a maxed Pekka on a lvl 3 inferno than the inferno will die but the lvl 4 inferno will survive and kill the Pekka…so it does make a huge difference

  6. Evil Artillery?!

  7. what a bullshit talk, of course it does matter, heroes upgrade is worser if you compare the damage increase

  8. Nice vid beaker as always.

  9. Sub to me

  10. Hey beak its Arrow from the clash royals clan :)

  11. nice

  12. how do you feel about people saying clash of clans is dead ? do you side with them in saying clash royale took its life ?

  13. Love your vids bro keep it upp!

  14. Nice hat faggot

  15. Hi beaker

  16. Lovin the hat beak!!

  17. Hi mr beaker!

  18. Who else hates the new Air defence look

  19. I got a 6 star war with 2 quad quake stoned govahos with my level 2 valks

  20. hey beaker?

  21. wat about that bowler kind of thing beak??R u gonna make a dedicated video on it…???

  22. Hey Beak

  23. Hi

  24. yo beak

  25. Should get back to streaming soon ! keep up cool vids beak !

  26. I cringe so much watching your videos, you try too hard to be "cool"

  27. anyone else cringe when he says "what's good?"

  28. that lava hound at the end was funny:-)

  29. beak i wanna know

  30. Make a lower series plz

  31. Hey Beaker!

  32. beak bruh plz join 2540 war on one of your accounts and im doing fine thanks

  33. hi

  34. Hey beak

  35. It's simple if beaker asks me to like the video…. I like the video

  36. I'm a max th7, and I need help with th8. What should I upg first? Any help would be good, thanks! ^.^

  37. u made my day thnx beak for another awsome video

  38. hey beaker you are so cool

  39. New sub!

  40. 1

  41. Hey Beak!!!!!

  42. yo beak wassup

  43. HEY BEAK!

  44. Hey Buddy!! :))

  45. beaker , upload clash royale video please

  46. When are you going to do another beaker08 video

  47. Yo beak!

  48. Hey