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Clash of Clans New MAX Level 7 GOBLIN, 6 HOG RIDER, 5 VALKYRIE!

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  1. new air defenses looks ugly why they change look of the air defenses? Old air defenses looked very good ( sorry for my english xd :p)

  2. they made me puke

  3. the air defence made me like no seriously

  4. the air defence made me like no seriously

  5. sweet but I'm a th8

  6. Pause at 1:33 and 4:22 the barracks have two lvls

  7. Ssunde Is going to be happy about the goblins

  8. I think everyone should do govawi in the new update

  9. you saw the ad looks

  10. yessss were getting a new dark troop LOOK AT THE DARK BARRACKS WHEN HE ATTACKS it looks different from tjhe lvl 6 one

  11. yes, hitting th9's will be even more easy with lvl 6 hogs

  12. So excited for the new update

  13. :D

  14. This isn't going to fix the game. Level 7 goblins for th11? Who needs goblins for th11? COC is running out of ideas now days…

  15. What's the point on having the poison spell in the game now

  16. So the poison spell is useless now?

  17. Damn GoVaHo at th10 my now start being useful

  18. They're trying to make the air d's less scary

  19. Is lvl.5 Valkyire's for TH10?

  20. nice video

  21. The air d looks like that one friend that no one likes

  22. The bags that the goblins have look like those "cat tails" from the new Mario games too

  23. Skip to 1:33 does the dark barracks look different?… New troop maybe

  24. The air defence are weird…

  25. They new air d look so disgusting..