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Clash of Clans – NEW MINER TROOP! CoC 2016 Update: Miner 3 Star Attack Strategy! New Miner Gameplay

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  1. Where's your gf? She's hot I wanna see her again BRUH

  2. This channel is going succeed

  3. nice bruh

  4. The miner looks so OP if you get to know how to use em they could be savage

  5. GoWiVaMi, best attack strategy ever!!

  6. nice video again bro

  7. #clashofclans
    <when you see amayzinone double upload

  8. I really think youre my fav youtuber

  9. oh my frick a double upload, i melt :D

  10. j think the miner is way better than the baby dragon

  11. Let me know what you guys think of the miner!!!

  12. I can't th8 get new troops