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Clash of Clans – NEW NEVER LOSE ATTACK STRATEGY! Best Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans!

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  1. CQOTD: answer 4 more CQOTD´╗┐

  2. Those raids thought amazing wite and we need a video about your village updating progress cuz we forgot what happened after the 2weeks ban´╗┐

  3. CQOTD:which wall do you like the most the pumpkin lvl11walls or the electric walls!!!´╗┐

  4. CQOTD-Where do you see your channel in 5-10 years? Do you think you will still be doing gaming etc
    And nice vid btw keep it up your the best´╗┐

  5. U know,for attacking´╗┐

  6. CQOFT: When the New Hero comes out what do you think the Hero will do for Clan Wars or Farming?´╗┐

  7. CQOTD:Which strategy are you're going to use when the new defense comes up?´╗┐

  8. CQOTD if where a new th9 what would u reccomend to do to get good war stars on th9s´╗┐

  9. CQOTD: a small loan of a million dollars´╗┐

  10. heroes walk compilation´╗┐

  11. Wite What Do you use to record your videos?´╗┐

  12. CQOTD: are there certain days you live stream or when ever u feel like u have to´╗┐

  13. CQOTD: Why is your throat strong enough to drink peanut butter!?´╗┐

  14. I remember the v-log … Back when you did bo2 and those Wunderful th9 Raids ­čÖé Great time´╗┐

  15. CQOTD:Would u like it if u could spread your clan castle out??´╗┐

  16. OP´╗┐

  17. To bad I'm a town hall 7´╗┐

  18. Why did you get banned´╗┐

  19. CQOTD:If you could add anything you want to the game what would it be?´╗┐

  20. CQOTD: when will you post some Black Ops 3 videos?´╗┐