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  1. Oh bomb a

  2. im doing a free dark elixer base in gold 2 i also have plenty of gold and elixer for the taking

  3. why did you rush so bad

  4. Yo beaker, I found a sick ass base that offered 1.7 mil loot and 6500 dark. If your looking for replays to make a video for farming has returned, then come by watch the vid and u can use it. Clan tag is #plpyoqgu…. Look for cowboy YeeYee replay or just ask and I can post again.. Farming has been awesome since yesterday mornings maintenance break

  5. Do you guys think supercell should implement the option to either let your clan castle defend or sleep?
    It's very frustrating to come online, wanting to attack in war and then finding out you lost your clan castle troops.

  6. can u do DE time with valkrie instade of hogs? jast try it

    love you videos buddy!

  7. Your defence I've been attacked by before. 600k each raid with the Giants wizards and earthquake spells

  8. Yo Beak I REALLY WANT TO JOIN YOUR CLAN, Ruthless 50

  9. hey beak, can I join Unity Elite clan?

  10. Nice video man.

  11. The only reason I watch you is because your voice is so soothing

  12. Well I'm th9 and still struggling to find dark elixir lol!!

  13. Hey bikch

  14. not much in crystal L…ur base is a true trap!

  15. hey beak. do you acc th10 that farming in master league? if you have please upload a video. thanks in advannce

  16. love ya beak

  17. Beak, can you do your gaming setup?

  18. Hahaha I was just scrolling through your 467 videos and watched the first one and then this one and you've changed lol (in a good way of course)

  19. anyone notice he went from 20k to 150k subs in like a month

  20. I find hundreds of dead bases and a few min ago I found one with over 500k but I couldn't 3 star THA whole base so I got 300k of both from just tha collectors and a few from tha storages

  21. beak, that title nearly gave me a heart attack. Don't toy with my emotions like that.

  22. lol I've been watching you for like A few weeks now and I never subscribed wow nice vids man keep it up learned a lot from you Thx th8 near max :D

  23. my kik id is mr.baddd .if u can,pls reply me in that.that will be a great help

  24. i just started me with some suggestions.