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Clash of Clans – NEW SPELL LEAK?! HIDDEN Sneak Peek or Developer ERROR!! (CoC 15 Spell Spaces)

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  1. count his troops they are above 240 too

  2. intro music is so annoying

  3. I think u should make team fortress 2 vids

  4. Am I the only one who thinks the air defense looks weird

  5. this troop Is very useful to take airdefense dragon become easy

  6. Best Intro

  7. He's like a bomber

  8. to me he looks like a smurf :/

  9. It's a goblin on steroids playing bowling

  10. 4:20 video length

  11. dope leak ?

  12. lol its shreks bro

  13. Pretty sure it is just a developer making too many spells

  14. What's up with dat Intro ??

  15. level 9 air defense

  16. good video

  17. Am I the only one who noticed the air defense has either a new texture pack or is that a new lvl

  18. they need another dark troop called donkey thank u for making vids and in clash royale what clan are u in i want to join im 1712 and lvl 7

  19. That troop doesn't even seem right to be in the game

  20. shrek is love, shrek is life ? lol

  21. That intro is cancerous

  22. Clash of Clans – Sports Edition.

  23. That moment he said I tweeted at 2 am and I had volume on full blast ( everyone heard it lol )

  24. there are too much troops too. Developers iPad.

  25. i dont have the bowler update

  26. OP AF

  27. LOL

  28. We have to start calling him "Shrek"

  29. +Eclihpse when is the update?

  30. Chief pat used the extra spells to show how the troops go away from the poison spells

  31. Youtubers did record the footage themselves but this is a dev iPad so u can train unlimited amount of spells

  32. your old intro is better

  33. Eclihpse can u plz change your intro back and keep it going with these vids they're great

  34. love the intro!

  35. The genie from Aladdin!!!

  36. Thumbnail is #MoltMath


  38. 43rd comment

  39. I thought the new Dark Barracks was for the ROCKeteer. :)

  40. LMAO bro that intro is lit

  41. goblins on steriods

  42. Can you do a clash Royal arena 3 deck

  43. I can't get this

  44. I've been commenting a lot not 1 reply , if you don't care about your subscribers I might just un subscribe

  45. :)

  46. the intro was super shitty.