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Clash Of Clans | New Strategy For TH9 After Update: Skellaloon | Skeleton Spell Boosted

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  1. holyshit thats awesome

  2. th9 HYBRID base

  3. this is just shattered laloon with a skellie instead of two poisons. Honestly, watching this video I didn't even notice that you used a skelly spell.

  4. yes good strategy ," power bang " already post it in his channel ..

  5. I have a new queen and a level 10 king, does this attack still work

  6. dont use it. I only got 1 star IM clan war. worst army I ever SEVEN on this channel! skeleton spell is useless! it couldnt destroy the AD.

  7. what do you think about govabowipe?

  8. Hey Jack can you please make a th8 war base w/ bomb tower ? maybe a anti 3 pretty sure everyone would really appreciate it and so would I .

  9. мне нравиться твой канал,и базы прикольные, так держать)

  10. Finally, skeleton spells doing some work. Good combination on both spell & golaloon.

  11. i would like ti suggest man that whatever u want to say like i mean the titles ( subtitles whatever ) dont put UP there it becomes difficult to read them or sometimes when ppl r new to the channel they would not even know like where r u guiding frm

  12. Are there any bases that can easily stop this stragety or does it work on every Base? Awesome video btw! :D

  13. th9 var base pls

  14. Thanks for sharing ??? sckeleton does not trip any traps

  15. why I'm rejected in ninjas irl 2

  16. Can Skeleton Spell can activate the cc troops?

  17. thanks man.. nice strategy ;)

  18. also try to fc with dragloons or others strong troops in the enemy cc and show us…thanks

  19. Can you plz make a th9 base with no xbows

  20. jack can i use this attack without my king plz reply……?

  21. I JACK SPARROW COC can you do a farming base th8 with bomb tower

  22. make an anti 3 star th9 war base with the bomb tower

  23. come n subscribe to my gaming youtube channel im doing a giveaway special for 100 subs

  24. lavaloon is really taking over

  25. wow it's work

  26. It's not gonna work for me tho

  27. Massa

  28. That swag jump tho, nice strategy I will have to try it out

  29. 4nd

  30. 2nd