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  1. Ash or anybody really, I was looking for some high level th10 vs th11 2 star content. My clan keeps running into more th11s than we have and we have to attack up for mixed results. Thanks for any help guys. Most guys heros in my clan are at least mid to high twenties and higher.

  2. Hey Ash – What are your thoughts on a Town Hall 8 Super King? Either for farming or war.

  3. this is so elixir heavy 🙁 and i need elixir…..

  4. i cant really understand this video,kinda confusing

  5. Thanks Ash and merry christmas

  6. hey ash. i just want to know what should i do if my queen is upgrading? im actually farming with gibarch coz my queen is upgrading.

  7. Hi Ash, I did a Queen walk with 7.500 dark elixir, are you interested in the vid?

  8. Can you help us new TH9s with like lv3 queens?

  9. mr robot;s second attack shouldnt really be called a superqueen. i would call it the ' hybrid super queen walk " cause he made the queen walk from the top to the bottom left

  10. hey ash? can i join to your clan?

  11. im a th9, with lvl 10 aq with 4 max lvl healers im having pretty good success in masters. especially for grabbing those extra percentage points just sending her around and my main army to mid for th and de.

  12. Nice attack.

  13. thanks for your video. i am still using 8 healers (TH9) as pre update. i am still unsure the effects of reduction when stacking the healers on the queen. there is no official information out there. i may drop to 6 healers if 8 make no different, as you said in the video. I still feel the different between 4 and 8 healers. 4 healers is not enough when more than 2 point defenses are attacking the queen.

  14. Whats a good league to farm in as a th 9 right now? Im in gold and doing pretty good I guess

  15. hey Ash! Do you think this is possible with a level 15 queen?

  16. Thanks ash! It helps me alot in farming de im th9 btw lvl 23 queen ??

  17. Thanks for the guide, u gave me lots of good tips to use in the future because my queen Its level 7, i like this tipe of vídeos because u are helping the community so Thanks?

  18. Yo ash, after the update it became a bit harder to farm elixir cuz profit margins shorten when using more costly armies. Can u somehow make a guide for farming regular resources/elixir specifically? thx and Happy new years

  19. level 25 queen. how many healers do i need to kept it alive? i use this strat in farming DE since my AQ still 17. and i use 8. is it safe if i drop my helaer to 5? thanks.

  20. the 1 gem gem boost is amazing, I had never gotten a 1 mil+ loot raid. yesterday I got 2 (almost 3) in a row