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Clash of Clans – “NEW TH11 UPDATE!” TH7 Hybrid Base Defense! “NEW CoC UPDATE!”

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  1. hey nice video ! i was wondering if you can make a th7 base with no barb king , elixir pump and dark baracks please ? thanks´╗┐

  2. i will try this base… looks unbeatable´╗┐

  3. Unbeatable!!!!!!??´╗┐

  4. Love it. What do u use to record´╗┐

  5. Base Is Fantastic No One Has Hurt My Trophies ! Thanks For This Base Man´╗┐

  6. Works really good thanks good job!!!´╗┐

  7. U should do shout outs maybe u mite get more subs´╗┐

  8. love it im making it´╗┐

  9. Sweet Base I'm Ready To Go Back On The Trophy Push With This Base ! ??´╗┐

  10. I already won two defenses. Nice base:)´╗┐

  11. i have OCD when it comes to base builds´╗┐

  12. love your intro and keep up the good work bro´╗┐

  13. insane … like like ´╗┐

  14. Nice´╗┐

  15. Cool base ill be sure to use it!´╗┐