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Clash of Clans – NEW TH8 WAR BASE 2016! – CoC BEST TOWN HALL 8 DEFENSE! (TH8 2016)

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  1. and pls join in my clan in clash of clans PEKKA™

  2. i am your support

  3. I subscribe you

  4. Oh yeah one more thing, if anyone wants a chill clan bookmark Twisted Godz. My name on coc is ✴XYPHER✴

  5. It would be awesome if someone came up with an idea for trap placements since the latest update on the famous healer nurf. An anti valk/giant DE base would get a lot of attention.

  6. This base reminds me of the Maze and Labyrinth farming bases. As you know giant's, valks and Queen walk is a big problem these days, since the new update nurfed healers I have been trying to alternate my traps around for that. It would be amazing if someone came up with an idea for this subject at hand.

  7. Thank you very much, I just built this base for my second max th8 account. I will let you know how well it works.

  8. layout com valkyria e destroçado '-' vira puera ate com gowipe magine pra um gohowi

  9. Nice layout… Could you make a th9 war base?

  10. give me a shout out on your next video plz

  11. but anyways i love your videos

  12. but im a th8 and my townhall dont look like that

  13. I've already subscribed and liked.

  14. I like you're base builds man. I was wondering if you could possibly build me a th9 DE farming base perhaps?If so it would be greatly helpful.

  15. why don't you mostly reply

  16. could u kick someone out so I could join

  17. barcode can I join ur clan I wanna challenge u

  18. is this good against gowipe and mass dragons ?

  19. barcode

  20. Barcode I have 1 Great War base do you want base layout
    Clan is
    browns feeder
    lvl7 clan

  21. greeted me in next video pls

  22. barcode thats a town hall 10

  23. you are my favourite coc youtuber can you make best th8 defesive base???

  24. Oh and can u do a good th7 hybrid/war base

  25. Im so confused. how come he doesnt have much subs hes awesome! Hes a supper goood kid friendly youtuber and he should get more support than he does now.

  26. Hey barcode can u start doing photo mode again at the end of base builds?

  27. I can't join it because there are 50 members already

  28. Nice videos Barcode, started watching your videos yesterday, definitiely worth a sub:)

  29. barcode plis I want to join ur clan

  30. barcode can I join ur clan

  31. Dam barcode back at it again with the epic layouts

  32. Barcode can u plz shout my hannel out

  33. looks really good barcode

  34. Song? pls