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Clash of Clans – “NEW” Town Hall 11 (TH11) Trophy/Defense/War Base W/ Grand Warden & Eagle Artillery

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  1. gay

  2. Shit base. U can freeze bith Infernos with one spell.

  3. With the gsme currently so tilted towards witches, which are currently 3 starring th11s, i fear this will be easily 3 starred as an open box base

  4. it's bad TH11 villagge

  5. What was the song of ur previous intro

  6. bro you're the best base builder out there! keep up the great work

  7. +Clash of Clans – Mr Clasher Hey,sorry that im alittle bit annoying but how do i get Gfx's intros for my videos?

  8. that's a nice base for th11 even tho I'm a th7

  9. Nice this base could help me out alot
    but quick question what is last intro song you used called?

  10. K got it

  11. Who ever disliked the video has no life

  12. Could you stream this weekend also keep put the good work I'm waiting for you to get 20k subs

  13. Sick base man ?? , spoke to you on global aha *

  14. man I wish I was Th 11

  15. hey man!!!

  16. I wish I was a th8 9 or at least 10 but o have to wait so long.nice base intro keep your videos coming.??????

  17. I like your intro very nice ??

  18. Damn, thays a good base

  19. Man im only a new th9 and I thought i was good at the game 🙁 also amazing vid keep em coming also could u make a th9 war strat video showing both air and ground war strat :3 thanks for reading :D

  20. Damn, thays a good base