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Clash Of Clans | NEW TRENDS IN ANTI 3 BASES (Th9, Th10, Th11)

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  1. Be sure to subscribe HERE! To my second channel for a ton of great 3 Star replays sorted by Town Hall level and attack strategy! Enjoy! – Ash

  2. Those dead zone bases must be where the meta is beading for th9, counter intuitive w the CC easily lurable, queen not even close to the center, and the Air Defences QueenWalkable. Offset Queen is old news I guess

  3. why th 8 isnt included ???

  4. Could u also show th8 anti 3 star bases?? pls would help a lot

  5. Yesss I love these Brad-Clash Of Clans posts awesome bases like these Th9s if anyone was wondering where you can get one :)

  6. Ash you're almost at that 100k mark, love the content!

  7. hey ash .i bet u wont reply to this comment ?

  8. 4th

  9. 3rd

  10. 2nd

  11. first :3