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Clash of Clans – NEW Troop 2016 REVEALED!! NEW Update Troop Hidden Sneak Peek! (CoC Troop Update)

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  1. The troop might be the baby dragon or mini Pekka as they have already brought out other Cr troops. Remember about Cr u still have troops on there that might come into CoC

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  3. 1 like – GoodLuck in 2016
    1 sub – fuck your crush!
    1 ignore – badluck for 43 years!

  4. about a week ago ??????

  5. There is proof it is a new level dark barracks when they are searching through the layout editor to select the inferno and mortar

  6. Giant skeleton

  7. What did you use to make that robotic voice?

  8. it will be costly and very strong as like it will be air and ground so troop can att. on ground and air too

  9. ILLUMINATI COMFIRMED!!!!!! But the troop will probably be a giant skeleton from clash royale

  10. 50th like!

  11. I think the new troop will be doggo meme.

  12. Baby dragon what I think

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  14. No way level 4 inferno

  15. all I want to know is when the update is coming out

  16. #illuminati confirmed

  17. wow amazing great

  18. Well that was rubbish…

  19. #ObeyTheArchers

  20. Eclihpes is du best ?

  21. wow srsly! 100 views already

  22. About a. Week agp

  23. Like if you want supercell to allow heroes in war while upgrading