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Clash of Clans – NEW TROOP! Baby Dragon! Gameplay and Strategy (Sneak Peek)

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  1. I don't get it his tongue is blue in Royale but red in actual battle

  2. Wtf he copied my brothers outro

  3. Tought it was a clash royale video and I was like, we already have that. They are problaby gonna put adult dragon in clash royale sence they are using clash royale stuff in coc and coc troops in clash royale

  4. How does it cost to get it

  5. It looks like u unlock the baby dragon in barbarecks because if u look at the barbarecks it has a different look but yah just saying to anybody who didn't see

  6. nice

  7. When do u think the update will come ? Wite said it should be today

  8. Yes!!!!

  9. why is everyone in the comments want to turn clash of clans to clash royale?

  10. Y do u get large drag before baby drag wtf.

  11. is it a dark troop or regular troop???

  12. Too bad the baby dragon is worse in Clash Royale

  13. Coc is a dead game

  14. U have da same thumb nail as chef pat

  15. on which th the baby dragon will come

  16. Nice vid ash. Your awesome as always ;)

  17. If sparky miner prince mini pekka come to clash of clans im reinstalling it 100% my homeboys.

  18. What town hall level..???
    That is the main thing that most of you don't even mention!!!

  19. This is the last sneak peek that super sell is releasing the other new troop is the miner

  20. Who else is here before this goes viral?

  21. for what th is this?

  22. So basically you can get the Big dragon (normal dragon) in th7
    And the baby dragon in th9 wow.