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Clash of Clans | New Troop BABY DRAGON !!! :: SNEAK PEEK ::

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  1. Awesomeee!! They look really cute!!!

  2. Their attacks look exactly like minions

  3. What is that troop that looks like a pillar?? thanks in advance

  4. Awesome Video bro! This is tmann I've created a new channel! Hope all is well!

  5. thanks game huntah you made c o c videos again ??

  6. Very upset about half of this update

  7. congrats on 50k subs

  8. They look like they're licking the wall every time they attack.

  9. Do you want try tempesto frightgeist combo in slu it out? Shoot tempesto lvl.3 after this shoot frightgeist.

  10. Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby DRAGON XD

  11. And to think they where bad when they where in clash royal….

  12. I wonder who fucked?

  13. yay baby dragon

  14. Baby Dragon! So cute!!!!! ??

  15. there should be 7 elixir drag in clash royale

  16. It would be better if u add minions to that army

  17. Can you do a let's play On World Conquer 2?

  18. 50K

  19. omg I wanted the babe dragon yasss

  20. Love your videos can you please subscribe to me

  21. you are my Favourite YouTube channel !!!

  22. Omg your base is awesome!

  23. Thank you for bringing us the best videos?

  24. Great video

  25. fe de erratas : Baby Dragon uses Elixir, not Dark Elixir

  26. Hello Huntah, you are te best