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Clash Of Clans – NEW TROOP BOWLER!!! (Family of the goblin species!)

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  1. that bowler is AWESOME!!!

  2. So if he was the troop was going to be in clash royale, how OP would he have been?

  3. It's the new wizzard

  4. speed increase, that's it

  5. when is the next update?

  6. Kill. It. With. FIRE. Not fond of this at all

  7. OP

  8. If you love me you would comment on this godson

  9. Ending song?

  10. he is just epic and original

  11. sory is on the ather video

  12. That's a troll or a ogre

  13. It should take more room because of how over powered it is in a group of 30

  14. I will love it if they put it the goblin man

  15. Maybe they will use it to take out TH's when the defenses are in rang for low rang troops. #he is awsome . Period.

  16. Maybe they will use it to take out TH's when the defenses are in rang for low rang troops. #he is awsome . Period.

  17. Gulder/ Golem and Boulder

  18. godson plz tell me when will the update come out

  19. Health is not good man

  20. Yay a troop I can't fucking use

  21. We can finally do a hobo raid

  22. really? now we have bouncing stones? rip coc :(

  23. I did not like it

  24. That's the same attack from nickatnyte

  25. they should add the prince and dark prince to coc

  26. Gobowi

  27. #troll

  28. Golems hogs and bowlers…


  29. is the update out yet

  30. He is alright but needs more health

  31. I wonder how effective it will be in clan castles…

  32. Gowibope

  33. super exsided i like clash of clans soooo much

  34. not a fan. not sure how we are going to encorporate this troop. pls show a an army comp…for now not impressed!

  35. Did you see the air defenses in the first attack? They look very different

  36. Ahh good thing u didn't say boner I,thought u said it

  37. The ancient wizard

  38. Has anyone noticed the fire


  40. awesome troop …cant wait …but more hitpoints please

  41. Do you reply on comments??? and it would be awsome if you did this as attack:

  42. Holy shit thats why u need th11 to get this troop cuz only Eagle Artillery can take care of them

  43. hi

  44. I think every one will like this troop like me