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Clash of Clans NEW TROOP! Bowler Gameplay on DEFENSE!

  1. What was that freeze spell thing about?

  2. This troop seems to be another flop by SC.

  3. I bet the highest level for bowler eventually will have flaming balls!!!!!

  4. Holy crab

  5. Watch me dab- Bowler

  6. So, instead of making 1 video about a shitty troop; you make 2 videos. Haha what a joke.

  7. When is it coming out

  8. Supercell Kiss ass

  9. The bowlers do splash damage right?

  10. The freeze spell does damage

  11. I'm disappointed in this troops tbh

  12. is this golem's head in bowler's hand ??? ?

  13. TheAlvaro845 Clash realice a video than durations is a 18:30 and you video 2:44…

  14. It's okay you guys its a prank(gone retard)

  15. The freeze spell's radius has been reduced

  16. This is a April fools Update

  17. Cash of Clans

  18. Just another troop to put in Clash Royale

  19. The bowler looks like the genie from Aladdin.

  20. lvl 5 freeze spell lol

  21. He is loco today

  22. Hate to call it before I get a chance to use them but it seems like the Bowler is a useless troop…just using them to funnel seems like a waste because they don't even really do that well :/

  23. My computer said hello to me today. Its a dell

  24. What a stupidly underthought troop… Decent on offense I guess, but good lord, you'd think they'd at least try it on defense ONCE. And ugly as all get out, can't believe anyone signed off on that graphical design and name.

  25. So why was this a sneak peek? smh

  26. Now we have the genie from Alladin throwing his big, bulky, jagged, fat balls at people. Well done Supercell. You made a freak of nature birthed out the ass of the devs. Anyways, much potential in this troop.

  27. Next coc troop: deblin: a goblin that throws dark elixir bombs

  28. I just want my lvl 6 hog rider

  29. Don't you guys think the graphics on clash royale is way better than clash of clans

  30. For me,bowlers sucks,they are too hard to use.

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  32. la MAJ sort quand ?

  33. The bowler just looks like it doesn't belong in the game…..
    Doesn't match the other troops in my opinion.

  34. what are your thoughts on Donald trump??

  35. if a freeze spell doesn't freeze the inferno towers than wtf is the fucking point of it

  36. More sneak peaks please

  37. Supercell ran out of ideas.


  39. what's clash of clans

  40. Honestly Supercell is doing everything right in their updates, Adding something interesting into the game and Removing Whiny/Unloyal players. Every update they do makes the game more fun, and with the whiny players leaving there is more loot for us :)

  41. Could have been worse, you could have dropped a jump spell instead.

  42. that pesky freeze it was looking promising lol

  43. That would defend strong in war don't ya think.?

  44. So all they do is shaking their asses and dancing when they on defense? What a waste of troop.

  45. The freez speel got reduced!!!!!!