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  1. I know 100 percent for sure it is a prince watch molt playing clash royale

  2. whats the I intro song

  3. hey member me og deniss

  4. Scammer

  5. Lol

  6. They need a new troop for th8

  7. Hey what happened to proud youtubers

  8. I have no idea but I'm really looking forward to it

  9. you fucking lie

  10. I barely got hog riders ?funk that shizzle

  11. It's me AngryNeeson52 from your global!

  12. That's off clash royale everyone's doing fake when and pretending it's coming

  13. mc it's me David where is our proud youtubers clan ???

  14. you seemed happy 🙂 well like ur voice

  15. careful u used supercells footage, u will prob get copyright flagged like me… maybe banned from clash too

  16. No I looked up on safari clash of clans new troop for 2016 and I saw a picture of it

  17. The click bait is strong with this one

  18. cool :D

  19. He said early version of the game they could of took the troop out of the game to put in clan of clans instead of the new clash game

  20. You deserve more subs D:

  21. at 1:45 in the video grinchkiller the attacker had two same spells both lvl 4 max out and one had a stack of 3 and the other had 1 is his glitched or should I say WTF

  22. Nice! Its me your old friend DatCoolCat! My new name is Bluejay-X. Any clans of yours that i could join? Im th 8 (brand new) i am in immortal wizards lvl 4 clan. If you wanna check my base just please do. Thank you.

  23. really

  24. oh shit damit i am stupid lol

  25. Click bait kys

  26. Nice video as always :D

  27. I hope is a original troop not a rebot of a old troop like a new troop that shot over walls

  28. He said an early version of the clash royale troops, Not a early version of a clash troop :/

  29. Nice dude thanks

  30. You just copied another you tubers video hope you stop doing this but you probably won't so unsub for me

  31. How you know there confirmed new troop surge?