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Clash Of Clans – “NEW TROOP CONFIRMED?!?” Supercell Announces NEW CoC Dark Troop! NEW 2016 Update!

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  1. Definitely a musketeer

  2. Sounds good cant wait xD

  3. What is the song in the outro?

  4. Its gonna be "Prince"

  5. i think bomber

  6. it would be like a clockwork thing

  7. u sounded like masterov at the beginning

  8. coc is getting screwed up:(

  9. I wonder if its a mini golem. stronger than golemite

  10. Think it could be the musketeer.

  11. boom beach adds

  12. Most likely ground dark troop

  13. Great channel!!!

  14. My bets on the giant skeleton

  15. Havoc When im older and i can work will $uperCell (I hope they dont kill the games and just end their company) i will get to know what they are making and hoe it looks and what it is and then i will leak it!!! 😛 :D

  16. Is this video a joke? Anyone could have predicted a new dark troop for 2016 ? That's like anyone can predict there will be a new dark troop after the other one. Tf lmao.

  17. i think it will come sth. like the hawk Rider

  18. A like from brasil

  19. my TH2 COULD probably 3* your base

  20. It might be that knight thing

  21. probably a new flying troop….

  22. Still won't compensate for how horrible the game is now

  23. 3 headed dragon

  24. A Dark Asshole ???

  25. "today or 3 days ago"

  26. they need a 4th de drill for th11

  27. It's probably something with an armor. (like the knight from Clash Royale)
    And on the last update there was shown a picture of a lvl.7 dark barrack (I don't know if that was legit)
    the barrack was grey (like armor?)

  28. The name was leaked with the level 7 dark barrack a while back and it was said to be similar to the archer and it's going to be called the devastator. But it was only a leak so they might change the name

  29. Havoc you assume too much xD he said a troop from the beta of the game. That means a troop that was scrapped and think about it. They have to come up with what it does, what roles it will take, etc. this doesn't mean "oh, yeah there's a new character" u assume wayy too much

  30. he said battle royal ?? begining of video.

  31. واصل

  32. Sort everything else out first SC :)

  33. its jar jar binks

  34. I think/hope it is going to be that Musketier troop

  35. what song at the end

  36. nice video havoc and cab you do a base for town hall 9 like a trophy one

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  38. 99% it's the Knight

  39. bro u like 15 and buff ez lyfe

  40. Hey