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Clash of Clans – NEW “Troop Confirmed!” Supercell Announces NEW CoC Troop! “What Will IT BE?!”

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  1. Add all of them are good troops

  2. The baby dragon is a no go

  3. None of the clash royale troops u picked will be in coc…because the new troop in coc is gonna be a deleted troop in clash royale that nobody knows about

  4. Just a btw… It's pronounced SPEER not SPARE (spear goblin)

  5. you said Hog rider for two ground defensive troops

  6. is battle royale on Google. play?

  7. The troop update should be the royal dude on the horse and lvl 8 archers with the gun and lvl 1 barbs with the heavy armor from Clash Royale

  8. "And of course if you think everything I mentioned in this video is stupid, then feel free to give the video a dislike."
    Clicks dislike button
    lol jk

  9. My thing is an eruption spell

  10. what about a troop named goblin king with the ability of taking one of the building which is cannon or air defence and put it on our base for some time..i think supercell will like my idea hahahah

  11. I Think the most likely one to be added is the giant skeleton

  12. The goblins look like pedos

  13. I don't think that Supercell would add a variation of a troop that is already in the game.

  14. Jonas said that it was a troop from a EARLY version of the game. Not that it was in the game now.

  15. Eclihpse its my brithday can u please sub to. me pleeease thank you and nice video

  16. This entire video is a waste because you misunderstood Jonas. The new troop is based off a troop in an early version of Clash Royale, it never actually made it to Clash Royale

  17. I think the key phrase Jonas used was "Inspired by a troop that WAS in a VERY EARLY version of the game." I doubt that its still in or they probably wouldnt have leaked it.

  18. Your intro is awesome!!! :)

  19. you looked over an extrememly likely one… knight

  20. reported! fucking click bait you waited 1 minute of my life bitch

  21. He clearly said that it was an old troop from an earlier version of Royale. Which probably means it is not in the current game.

  22. if you here what he says "that was in the game !!!"