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Clash of Clans – New Troop Levels! Lvl 6 Hog Rider, Lvl 5 Valkyrie, Lv 7 Balloon (Request and Idea)

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  1. Hey ASH random statement or question or whatever. I just got th9 a few days ago and Ive tried crystal to bronze everwhere there is no way to farm. Th8 i got so many dead bases and now its like max th10 and 11s on defense. To get real loot i need a full army trainup which takes so much loot to make and time. Do they want us to be a th level for a year or two. Can I get advice from anyone please!

  2. I don't think loons need an update unless they can only be upgraded at th11. The war community has been raving for hog rider level 6!!

  3. dear god not you too

  4. Exactly what we need supercell! Not only witches golem but a lot a different strategy

  5. I want a bombing run, like Santa strike and balloons. A row of 5 balloons go across the screen and damage all the buildings in one row. Obviously they would have a high space (25 or 30) etc.

  6. Level 7 balloons would be so fucking OP o.O

  7. Hey Ash your videos are so awesome can you reply to me?

  8. Ash u may not believe me but lvl 7 balloons confirmed I spoke with a coc employee and they hinted toward lvl 7 balloons ???

  9. They should make level 4 pekka available at th9 and reduce cost to 7million. GOWIPE is litterally un heard of because it is taken over by, GoHo QueenWalk Mass Dragons GoWiWi and Mass Witch.

  10. Any tips on upgrading my AQ?

  11. IGN: MAX
    Town Hall Level: 9
    Country/Time Zone: INDIA (+5:30)
Age: 15
    Hero Levels: lvl 10 king lvl 9 queen
    Wall Levels: 102 black, 9 Lego, remaining blue
    On average, how many hours a day do you play? 4-5 hrs
    How long have you been playing Clash of Clans? 13-14 months
    War Stars Won: more then 360
    What strategies do you use in war? List all of them: GOHO, GOVAHO, GOLALOON (soon), GOWIPE, GOHOWIPE and many more
    What are the levels of your troops and spells you use for war? MAX RAGE, LVL 5 HEAL, LVL5 LIGHTNING…troops-lvl3 golems , LVL 4 dragons , lvl 4 hogs , lvl 6 ballons in 5 days
    If possible, please post a screenshot of your base: im repling on youtube so no screen shot ,sorry
    Anything else we may need to know: my exam are coming on 4th march and ends in 19 march

  12. I think SuperCell should make level 7 Wizards and also level 4 Witches and Lava hounds

  13. ash do u know hiw many years will this game last? i hope forever. sometimes im afraid someday coc will dissapear. thus game must be eternal.!

  14. we want lvl 8 barch for farming

  15. i want it!!

  16. 1st

  17. im agrees with this video

  18. plz ash im MAX in coc
    plz can i join ur clan
    im 104 xp
    lvl 4 dragons, lvl 3 golem
    war lover – more then 360 war stars
    i know how to 3 star plz
    i know how to goho dragons woth queen walk
    plz reply
    i commented alot in ur previos video but u dont reply plz reply now
    plz im ur big fan

  19. Dammn Ash, Back at it again with a dope video!

  20. nicean active clan

  21. guys join this clan #P9PPUO99

  22. im ist pla repky ash bro