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Clash of Clans New Troop the Bowler in War?

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  1. 1.) Doing a bowler walk was the first thing I have tried with them and I terribly failed each time even on the goblin maps. The problem is that they split up and the ones that are not healed will get shot down. We either need to tweak their AI to not spkit up or make a healer AI change so they start healing troops that are more damaged.

    2.) I agree they should continue attacking buildings in the second row. In most cases buildings in the middle ring have more hp than those in the outer ring.

  2. I think bowlers are like hounds. When they first have been released, everyone was thinking they were useless, but now they are one of the most important troop for wars. We just have to wait till we find out what are the strategies where we can use bowlers in my opinion. By the way, i think bowlers walk could be a very good strategy at th8, with 3 maxed out bowlers in cc, and 3-4 level 3 healers (depending on the number of point defenses).

  3. Damn, that's nice Jake. Nice work Brady!

  4. loco no vales monda, ni pa vale monda vales monda

  5. Probably a decent replacement for queen walks. If they stayed on the outside

  6. ?

  7. Nice improvisation! Both attacks had hounds in the cc for defence – Would be interested to see more from Brady where there isn't a hound in the cc. I've seen an increase in dragons being used to combat valk attacks

  8. Curious to see when they will be implemented in 3 star attacks :)

  9. I wish the rocks exploded on the second bounce to do a little more damage…that would make them an interesting defensive troop as well…the explosion would be splash damage.

  10. seen it on the streams. if you guys haven't, there's basically exclusive content there you won't see in a recap.

  11. I feel like with more work, bowler walks could be a 3 star attack strategy. I think it'll end up like lava hounds, no use in the beginning and then everyone finding a use for them

  12. Pretty sick… I've seen the Healer walk with Max Bowlers 3 starring a TH11, just a matter of tweaking the right army comp and racing the clock to get it. Love the vids Jake.

  13. Why 4 healers if there is no reduced effect?

  14. Very cool ben/Brady! Gj!

  15. I think this is very very base specific unlike others that are less base specific.

  16. Thanks Jake for the feature! Definitely a weird troop, but I've been loving them lately. I'll continue to use the bowler walks and hopefully make the channel again!

  17. Agreed, bowlers need a buff and should unlock at th8. They are not very formidable right now.

  18. What about bowler walk laloon ?

  19. Good stuff Jake!

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  20. Bowler walk with a simultaneous queen walk? Could that be a thing??

  21. Woah I'm so early. Love your vids jake keep it up :)

  22. I don't know what to say ?

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