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Clash Of Clans – NEW TROOPS! CREATE YOUR OWN!! (supercell contest)

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  1. that skeleton archer's genius, want to see them in the game! As a trap unit that skeleton archer must be awesome to see.

  2. you are dreaming mate

  3. add in the beast pls i love it

  4. Check Out The Clan Gobs Limited™

  5. royal*

  6. royale giant !

  7. Mamushka

    Hitpoints: 800
    Damage: 180
    cost 3000
    Training time: 8-16 minutes
    Housing space:20

    Splits into two, then two again ….(4x) Clone spell will not work on this troop IF this unit has already died and split in half.

    What do you think?

  8. Roses Are Red
    Violets Are Blue
    I Came For The
    Thumbnail And
    So Did You!!

  9. r u playing Critical Ops GodSon?

  10. I want a wizard king

  11. I don't need troops but builder level and night mode. but if new hero I was saygoblin king will be good idea

  12. el rap de fernanfloo? te me caiste godson :v

  13. the vampire
    he is ground melee unit but automatically become air unit when moving he can gain health when attack so he won't die easily if not get shot by at defense

  14. HOW LONG CAN A CLAN CASTLE TROOP JUMP….. find out please try this….put the clancastle in center and put walls around it several times…. what happens when enemy attack do they jumb out

  15. add a Standard Barrier that when near barbs, giants, archers buffs their attack dmg, and make them take reduced aoe damage, favorite target is hero they follow the heros and make all near by troops gather near them. Making standard troops viable again late game.

  16. pretty sure the killer rabbit is actually a monty python reference

  17. Musketeer
    Goblin King
    Dragon King

  18. 2:45 the armored os a copy of blastois from pokemon

  19. How many times did he said potential?

  20. get trip song xcqrwm cook toss.

  21. Giant King will be nice……

  22. tear article beat wxiaezk well ah.

  23. "Ram rider" like the hogrider but deals less damage, rides a ram and the rams horns make it deal splash. Basically hog but splash and less single target dmg

  24. I'm a town hall 10 and I use goblins all the time!!!! archers an giants… they are my loot hunting crew and I regularly get 2 stars… not against town hall 11 though… eagle artillery is to strong

  25. Succeed engage net African

  26. Compromise mass daily double stare

  27. Routine garbage order.

  28. Make some kind of cute cat, then the mods will surely urg the devs to make that ?

  29. Wow

  30. I would like Justin Bieber as unit in game

  31. I submitted 4 new troop types, and a trap type..
    Tree People where the trees around your town walk and defennd. Sarlac the pit Monter.. but i can't remember the other two 6 months ago..

  32. THe axer

  33. i will like to see the mini pekka

  34. i miss the blue wall

  35. zoros king

  36. Who's better Guys Tony General Or Godson!!?

  37. Wot about they bring in the zap? so it resets inferno tower and stuff

  38. ㅋ말이 안된다

  39. What? This can't be real!!!!!!!

  40. my hero idea is like a lumberjack….when it dies it drops a rage spell….but low hitpoints like 1200

  41. My new troop idea is the goblin bomb at least if pcats doesnt mind lol

  42. The builder is honestly an amazing choice

  43. Can someone tell me how to submit on the forums(plzzzzz i made a troop)

  44. king p.e.k.k.a.


  46. Yeah I'm ready for THE GOBLIN KING‼️?

  47. the electric wizard when he shoot the electrizity multipies to other buildings unless theres space between them and the max damagin buildings at ones is like three or five