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  1. This is going to be interesting

  2. Dude thank you so much and great video! You are the reason I started my channel!

  3. #GoodLuckTony

  4. on coc

  5. exuse me mine is 6157

  6. mine is 5962

  7. me

  8. congrats mans…for pushing yourselp to tHe limit hahaa..just kiddin

  9. Tony Bro U can Break every record Coz U r Osm…….U r the best CoC YouTuber GoD BleSs U bro….??

  10. M7 holds the most trophys i think

  11. Mystlc7 at 5911

  12. General Tony | Clash Of Clans & Clash Royale Its Brandon Tony

  13. So godson is in cristal league town hall 11 checa his Chanel

  14. I want to be in your clan please

  15. hi Tony I want join your clan but you closed clan pls invite only my name is MOHAMMED AFSAL pls change to invite only

  16. tony can I join your clan please m townhall 9

  17. #good luck tony

  18. what is ur fb name

  19. Do an umbrella troll base

  20. cherryrox

  21. Brendon had highest almost 6000+ @generaltony

  22. Letus also join your clan …

  23. clash with ed

  24. #goodlucktony

  25. # Goodlucktony

  26. #goodlucktony

  27. It's Mah Birthday On Nov 24 Wish You Pick Me

  28. Brendon

  29. i dont quite remember the name but he looked like he is a chinese and was second on the basis of trophy. I saw his video about 3/4 months ago but didnt quite much see his video … I think Godson has a lot of trophy as well he is among the top 200 players of America

  30. wow nice general Tony u r the best.. my town hall is 7

  31. Is it difficult for farming? especially for the high Town Hall level.
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  32. mystic7

  33. Love your videos Tony. Keep up the good work.?

  34. Everyone saying mystic holds the rec lol.. Clearly nobody watches clash with ed…

  35. bi