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Clash of Clans New Update ♦ More Loot Cart & Daily Star Bonus Info ♦ Clash of Clans Update 2016

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  1. woop woop xD

  2. This is a bit off topic but I think that it is bs when that clash employee said "putting your town hall on the outside(farming) wasn't how the game was intended to be played" because people make troll bases with huge open spaces and I don't think that was "how the game was intended to be played" either so why would they take out a necessity of the game rather then a useless feature like troll bases? Anyway I hope that this update will be good.

  3. yes can't wait I hope it's a good update

  4. Omg!

  5. hey ! can i req for a game !?

  6. nice video

  7. awesome ^_^ can't wait!

  8. hypeeee

  9. 1 like :)

  10. Clash of Clans Update Coming Soon: The Treasury Update!
    Clash of Clans Update Preview: Star Bonus, Treasury and Loot Cart