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Clash of Clans | NEW UPDATE – 170,000 GEMS TO MAX! | JORGE YAO

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  1. He sounds like a Moskri trophy pusher lol

  2. SPACE APE????

  3. SPACE APE????

  4. you know you dont have to buy rss everytime right? u can just upgrade and itll ask for the gems

  5. Why do people always max their storages instead of gemming the building? I don't get it

  6. Fucking shitshit fucking crap, brainless crap damn. Now that that's done, you suck at brain. You get the EXACT same amount of loot-per-gem when you buy it directly from the upgrade button and when you guy it from the gem shop. Crapshit. A craphead like you should know. Cheating to get to the nr. #1 spot in coc. Remember than? Fuck you. Also, awesome video, keep up the good work. :3 :)

  7. you suck you cheater, fuck off.

  8. please sub to my channel for normal blogs and gaming videos

  9. haha i thought ud sound asian

  10. i still remember when u were top player

  11. £1000 odd spent on a mobile game… money to blow I guess fuck the poor right !?

  12. wrong title u didnt "max" motherfucker

  13. fyi, you dont need to fill your storages every time…. just hit gem button..

  14. 20:00 and 20:19 is Wizards

  15. Tell dozed I said hi. He used to be in my old clan ohh kill me before he joined north

  16. You don't need to buy gold/elixir. You can do it directly =,=

  17. damn asians are rich af

  18. how do u afford to get 170 k gems!?!

  19. bruhh he said wizards on witches dead cx

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    ENJOY!! Clash of Clans | NEW UPDATE – 170,000 GEMS TO MAX! | JORGE YAO