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  1. #UpdateHype.

  2. Dead bases EVERYWHERE. gold 3-1 is full of them. 200k-500k of each and I find one every like 5-10 searches. Drop to gold and get some of this loot!

  3. Gold 2 and 3 and nice music after the vid

  4. Fsu Atl i need your help plz help me its crucial you get back in touch with me my kik: xxtheboss65
    This youtuber name: Clash of Clans Ako will not give me back my account and he has 86k subs and doesn't even respect them plz make a vid about how bad of a youtuber he is and help me get my th10 back i would really appreciate it . ???????

  5. im not finding dead bases

  6. I find a lot of dead bases in crystal ?

  7. You know th11 defense sucks ass when whitelightinghwd 3 stars a th11

  8. I can't find the fsu rap can you send a link

  9. I am finding dead bases actually a lot in silver two I'm th Eleven and use Baruch in that area there is a lot of th8 and nines there but I get some much loot from them

  10. #UpdateHype

  11. #UpdateHype!!
    By the way the loot is in gold 1 and also what's the name of the outro song cuz it's sick!! Keep up the good work fsu and stay sexy ✌️

  12. Am I the only one who thinks that the song at the end sucks

  13. HayDay

  14. for th 7 dragon attacks are crazy op it's like a guaranteed 3 star unless you suck as much as Donald Trump

  15. Update hype

  16. I'm finding dead bases in gold II

  17. Lots of dead bases in Gold 1 as a TH10. 400k-600k of each is what I'm averaging per raid.

  18. ƒՏմ íՏ ҍɑҽ ??

  19. I thought I was watching whitelightninghwd because of the first replay

  20. no th7 is fine with 2 air defenses it doesn't need 3

  21. I'm town hall 7 and I never get attacked by air and I'm in gold 3

  22. 1 like = kiss ur crush
    1 sub to truth cerium = be ur crushes bd forever

  23. yeah theres a shit load of dead bases now thanks they fixed that bs they did.


  25. I always look forward to Fsu's videos :0

  26. #Updatehype Always watching till the end ;)

  27. I like the outro also!!!!!!!