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Clash of Clans – “NEW UPDATE” BEST TH9 Hybrid Base With 2 Air Sweepers

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  1. This is like the 27th "Best" th 9 ive seen. What a fake.

  2. You chsnged your intro ;-; i crie

  3. Stop putting "BEST" in Ebers Nase Design man

  4. Nice base

  5. Mr clasher I have a th8 troll base do you want it

  6. dude WTF is with your views???

  7. can u make a th8.5 base :)

  8. Could you confirm the stream of you will do it also your so close to 20k keep up the good work ?

  9. Looks solid to me. Looks like it would be easy to reach that TH though. Nice vid!

  10. nice base ^ ^

  11. Hmm pretty good I'll try it out lol thanks!

  12. Thanks fam ;_; I remember I asked for this

  13. Could I have some tips for my channel? It's new. By the way I gave u a sub + like :)

  14. Hey bro it's Gavin.71 from global

  15. it's it Town hall 7

  16. make new one my base is really bad

  17. Hope you all enjoyed this epic Town Hall 9 Hybrid Base with 2 Air Sweepers! Can we smash 40 likes?! #Clash

  18. lol I think your right ?

  19. Man I don't know what it is about the intro but I really like it ?

  20. Nice base