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Clash of Clans *NEW UPDATE* BEST Town Hall 9 (TH9) Hybrid Farming Base! (CoC) Dark Elixir -Setup #1

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  1. Bro this base is defending in masters 1,i fucking love it, best cc troops are mages and archers, defend against a gowipe without heroes, 2 gowipe with heroes 20+ with all spells (th9) and just 1 star lose – 5 trophies, really good base, love you bro (no homo) keep up the amazing work

  2. How you design your bases? They are great!

  3. great channel m8

  4. Attacker always get my Darkelixir T_T

  5. Just applied this base layout to mine! Hopefully it works!

  6. i think its not effectives for who with lvl 7/8 walls

  7. this is a bad base lmao tried it since it the update and they raided my dark elixir plenty of times. everything is maxed even walls except storage's

  8. Earned a subscriber lol

  9. F*ck I love your bases!

  10. just switched to this base first attack I was 70% guy used giants wiz healer, I'm maxed out th9 lvl 9 walls. this base is no good

  11. I love it! The amount raided from me has significantly been reduced since I switched to this design! Thank you AaroNeo!

  12. the music was good, im surprised :)

  13. nice base

  14. TH7 plz

  15. when will you make a new desigen for town hall 7

  16. It does not work 

  17. Damn frustrating with the new update :-(

  18. Been waiting for this

  19. Th9 no xbow but with queen plz

  20. Man your bases are the best! Great job