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Clash of Clans – NEW UPDATE! Bomb Tower, New Troop Levels & More

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  1. Negotiate clothing qualify meaning nearby

  2. you only made this video because of the update so you can get some views, you still don't give a fuck about the coc community…

  3. Wet boom definition

  4. Porch resort daughter responsible absorb curve

  5. Is anyone hoping to see the zap spell here? I think it would be handy.

  6. don't stop posting videos on a game that made you

  7. OMG CoC video after alot of time! Do more!!

  8. Subscriber and fan of the channel. This needs to be shared with Clashers and SuperCell. Please make it happen Chief Pat!!!

    SuperCell should've made this clear about the new troop training times:

    Some folks are NOT able to train faster troops because they have higher level troops. Rather, it is because they have more barracks unlocked to cook said troop. For example, someone who has one Pekka barrack will have a longer duration for cooking Pekkas as opposed to someone who has all Pekka barracks, regardless of their Pekka level.

    The impact is not felt as much with regular elixir troops as so with Dark troops, since there are 4 barracks for regular troops and just 2 barracks for Dark troops. The dark troops cook time is still unfair. SuperCell needs to either 1) Create a separate tab in the training interface for JUST dark troops or 2) Give more Dark Barracks than just two of them.


  10. next clash of clans video =28 monthes later

  11. ah c'mon youtube dont reccomend video on my list that is old 3 years old

  12. I got 25 more walls too and a bomb tower I'm only town hall 8

  13. Give us more CLASH OF CLANS!

  14. You don't deserve to upload this

  15. Chief Pat making clash of clans videos again? Someone pinch me

  16. He records his gameplay in clash royale and then puts his recorded voice….its the same thing as showing replays. …..that u guys hate when molt shows those replays…..

  17. I have 3 barracks and I can only use one from now on because of the train troops update. Whats the point of hvanig more barracks now?
    Training was faster before.


  19. I Hate that to Boost your Barack it costs 30 gems

  20. I chief…. I'm teja… Glad to meet you


  22. Bring back Clash of Clans!

  23. — yeah you retunr to clash …. but too late man stay on royal
    Just because we have a update you retunr on clash… the guys who want the view with that realy poor strat Pat realy realy poor -_-

  24. wow….chief pat playing coc!!!!!!

  25. Is anyone giving away account with a town hall 7 ish want to play?

  26. FINALLY !!!!!!!

  27. Wait what chief pat plays coc!?

  28. Yeah coc

  29. I give it one week and he's done with Coc videos once again lmao… However Witches seem to be super tanky now

  30. i love the quick train

  31. Hahahaha for a moment I thought he's going to say Clash Royale ??

  32. Coleson is back, Pat is back, Cam is back, Mystic is back…??

  33. Aye Pat whats going on with the space program?

  34. more clash of clans pls

  35. loved it

  36. Please bring more clash of Clans

  37. Bombtower is cancer in CR and same in COC tho

  38. Bomb towers in clash of clans??? Supercell, this must be a joke

  39. Ah, finally, Clash of Clans again!

  40. IT IS SO BAD

  41. I want the Halloween theme back …..

  42. omg he actually uploaded a coc video am I dreaming????

  43. chief i want to add friends u in coc.pls tell ur tag

  44. first coc video since may …

  45. This was a game?

  46. please make #morecocvids pleeeeaaaaase!!

  47. to slow to update

  48. Comments full of "Pat making clash of clans video?"hehe

  49. Who is this new guy??

  50. man, its been a while you posted a coc vid