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Clash Of Clans – NEW UPDATE BOWLERS SUCK!!! (incoming nerf to comps)

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  1. هم نمو عليك

  2. هم نمو عليك

  3. That 1st scene was from i

  4. I think the healers were fine

  5. We want the name change option again!!!!!

  6. fix your mic godson, we can't hear you

  7. YAS! My anti-healer mine trap setup will work again.

    Oh wait. I don't play CoC anymore.

  8. Next vid bowler rocks @cr ?

  9. Godson, you already used this Intro ?

  10. I think if they were guna do this they should have increase the healers health

  11. do anyone want a clash of clan account I don't want mine anymore

  12. u had that intro before godson

  13. You could put minions first to trigger all the seeking air mines

  14. Nice intro vid lol?

  15. The game developers are a little crew yes but thats doesn't explain why they change every game mechanics for the worst they should know better by now

  16. Thats exactly why supercell titled games are dead they dont know how their own games work and they take 6 month to release 1 update on each game

  17. I really don't like this update too fk

  18. healers die with mines …wow… what a waste… now no one ll b using bowlers …

  19. do some live attacks

  20. Organ minute tape pnvgbv condition cross rose.

  21. Profound provision top chief unlike blood.

  22. awesome video bro

  23. Lava Hound in the CC. your welcome

  24. Would be awesome if I could get some exposure to my channel! I upload quality clash videos including commentaries, recaps, strategies + more❤️

  25. هلا حامد والله انا معجب بمقاطعك

  26. Fuck new updated

  27. you arent in kings rock clan

  28. like yesterday, bro could've taken out another laver of walls

  29. When ever i hear the little tone on your intro the ba ba ba ba ba i always smash something to finish it its some weird trigger

  30. Town hall 12 confirmed 2017!!! This new update sucks

  31. Bowlers is good bro !!

    You don't now thAt

  32. Game over! Queen walk

  33. the first scene was a Tamil movie called e

  34. the first scene was a Tamil movie called e

  35. They need to nerf the Valkyries

  36. Godson

    ok so who brought the chips?

  37. can u give me tips

  38. se see that intro befur se nef more god soon

  39. godson