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Clash of Clans – NEW Update EPIC TH11 Hybrid Base!! CoC Town hall 11 Farming/Trophy Base!!

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  1. Sweet, I just got th 11 and bought some buildings with my stored up loot. I didn't even bother searching for a base, I just went straight to your channel lol.

  2. Soon please

  3. intro music pls

  4. More th9 hybrid bases!!

  5. Nice

  6. can you show my clan in one of you videos Pink nightmares

  7. Can you do a th10 defense base that works in champs 1 or titans no open base please witches are wrecking everything

  8. th 8.5 base pls

  9. Make some base's fit th8.5 please I need one tho thx if you do so ?????

  10. You're welcome daddy

  11. Just make a nice TH10 Hybrid Base pls _!!!!

  12. Make a th 10 dark protection base please.

  13. Hi eclipse i have made a th8 hybrid base! you inspired mt to make a base build!

  14. Hai from Iraq and I love your channel and the love of your design My name is Zahra and I am honored Bakm Thank you wish you could respond to the ???????

  15. can you make me an intro plz

  16. can you make me an intro plx

  17. Set as base for hybrid th8

  18. nice base layout

  19. I'm getting th 11 in 13 days :)

  20. Plz I wanna a nice th8 hybrid ☺?