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Clash of Clans – New Update Farming Strategy | Reduced Training and Hero Regen Times!

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  1. Damn dude, it feels like yesterday you had around 4,000 subs

  2. can u do farming startgy that no need of spell….

  3. I still love clash <3

  4. Hey Ash, I liked the video. But can you include the most efficient way to train the army in the next video? Btw the stock animations are pretty cheesy imo and you might want to use the clash of clans clouds as your transition. Seeing the clouds as a transition is a lot more familiar and welcoming than a stock star or mosaic transition. But I love how you're experimenting with different things, these are just my thoughts.

  5. lava hound deak plz i got him and dont know how t use

  6. Wow that's good! I think supercell knows that people rare starting to loose interest in clash, that's why they are trying to get the clash love back

  7. Ash next vid can you make a royale giant and hog deck.

  8. nice video ash ..!, your the best there is out there and I'm looking forward to more live streams !! thanks again !

  9. They should've done this before, but noooo.. they waited for a massive amount of players to quit the game.. well done supercell


  11. Awesome strategy dude I'm gonna try this!!

  12. Hey Ash can u make a Golem Deck?I would appreciate it thx

  13. Nice strategy man! :)

  14. Ash when are you going to make a royal giant deck ive made one but its no good, help );

  15. royal giant deck please

  16. Hi Ash, Do somes lives streams on twich or kamcord with your hardcore method. 1 or 2 hours on twich farming a lot of gold and elixir! Thanks

  17. and now their begging us to continue to be active and play.

  18. Hey Ash love your videos even though most of them I can't use yet as I'm still TH7. Any suggested changes to TH7 farming with the update? I generally just barch with a few giants right now but can't get to storages very well if it's TH8.

  19. Thanks a lot for these videos. You always have videos for us daily and when updates drop to help your subscribers out. Greatly appreciate your hard work. ?

  20. Thanks so much everyone! Thank you for all the support. My goal is almost reached. I'm almost at 1 subscriber! OMG!

  21. … Iets try coc agin?

  22. i from brazil biittchhh

  23. Nice video but this music makes my ears bleed.

  24. ?

  25. fuck coc game sucks clash of royale all the way i hope coc gets shut down its a eyesore

  26. never quit CoC

  27. You inspired me to start clash royale vids once summer starts

  28. Love the ur vids man

  29. Again your the best and now I'm super early your great ash

  30. secund

  31. hi