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Clash Of Clans: New Update February 2016! (Review/Overview) + Collecting Loot Cart

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  1. Nice vid! This was actually a good update from Supercell suprisingly?

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  3. this update e is like awsome

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  8. Nice one. Any giveaway soon?

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  11. Key Points for this Update:
    -Loot Cart gives 20% of loot lost from defense
    -Win 5 Stars daily to get some decent loot bonus. (Higher your league the better, also 'x' amount of Bonus Loot stays the same for every TH)
    -TH7s can now have 3 Air Defenses
    -TH6s can now have 2 Air Defenses

  12. Awee man you should of let me commentate this for you. I would've done a better job :)

  13. Nice :D

  14. ….i use the same base hahaa, put your spring traps in between the archers towers, mortars and wiz towers at the north. VERY few giants ever get in on me because the ring the defenses make with the spring traps bouncing them off every few seconds

  15. You spelt February wrong!

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