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Clash of Clans – NEW UPDATE! Friendly Challenges

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  1. R.I.P clan war

  2. Wow so legal modding. What was the point in banning it if your just going to basically put it into war?

  3. Are we going to loose the troops

  4. time to shit on my bro base.

  5. The best thing ever

  6. Clan Wars is now a battle of time. For those who have the time to copy bases and then sandbox until they 'break' the base will win in the long run. For the casual clans, with players with jobs and families…..and limited time… yikes!

  7. but plz disable it during war

  8. OMG best update ever

  9. This is a great feature can't wait for it

  10. this is so cool

  11. Maitencee Break :p ByeBye Boost :c

  12. This will be so bad worse than xmod stuff the sandbox attack ppl will copy opponent base and attacking as much as they can to 3 star ..So this is like introducing legal sandbox .this will destroy clan wars .what are u thinking supercell?? This will kill clan wars .Clan wars is the only thing which makes coc alive .so disappointing .plz dont do this or this must be unavailable in clan wars but also how it is possible for the clans who do wars 24/7

  13. Shit app, but if they bring back town hall sniping I'll consider playing again

  14. This way everyone can sandbox mode a war base, instead of just the people with jailbroken devices. I personally feel like this made wars a lot more even in a lot of respects.

  15. whao!! thank you badly needed this feature…long time waiting…..

  16. When does it come out?

  17. FINALLY…….

  18. This is going to break the war scene. Also they have been half assing these past updates


  20. Yea i saw brilliant idea that this practise mode shohdl not be avivable for people in wars! That way you couldnt copy enemy base and practise till you 3 star him np…


  22. This is a bit late. Thousands of players already quit…

  23. makes me sick. legal sandboxing. fu sc

  24. Hate it

  25. Very interesting, Chief Pat! I like it!

  26. FUCK THIS. You know exactly what this will do to war.

  27. Would be good if they bought out friendly clan war battles as well ?

  28. Can't wait!!!

  29. sorry we kicked you out modders. we've put modding back in the game now and it's legal. -love supercell…

    supercell staff are full of Fucking idiots. I hate this so much. this will be the beginning of the end. gj supercell ????????? you're a bunch of FUCKTARDS!!!!

  30. How will this break clan wars? You guys are acting like only one side can use it, both clans will be able to use it.