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Clash of Clans – New Update! Full Update Overview (January 2016)

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  1. I hate this update!!!! It gives too much loot

  2. I don't know what I think of the new update bc I haven't been able to download it bc it isn't compatible with my device anymore!! @;$#!! thanks a lot, Clash!!

  3. Damn already bo3 zombie trailer ads:)

  4. I think its a good uplate

  5. When is clash royal coming out

  6. i was just playing it and i love this new update
    is amazing

  7. whats the 5 star loot bonus for Legend league?

  8. Hi Chief Pat, I've seen your Clash Royale clan, "Clashtronauts", my question is: how can I join your clan?

  9. ???????????

  10. You know what? I really like what they are doing. Keep dead bases in so you can farm with barch while now also rewarding skilled and expensive attacks. Awesome!

  11. How can I join your clan in both clash of clans and clash royale?

  12. shit im town hall 7 i dont know where i have to put the air def

  13. Pat got rekt by molt in clash royale!

  14. This updates awesome

  15. the updAte is smart it makes you go after three stars and also awards you for winning

  16. I just got th7 and now I have to change my base and put an extra air defense?!?!?! Ffs

  17. I am confused by the loot cart lore-wise. I don't get how it makes sense logically — so your opponent was trying to haul all of your loot out in carts, and then one of them broke down in your base? That seems weird lol.

  18. good

  19. They didn't do enough. They now messed up a lot of peoples attack strategy. How am I supposed to get these stars if I need to figure out a new strategy??? And also I feel like having to get 5 stars each day will get old soon. Why couldn't they change it up every day?

  20. i got the star bonus within one attack…

  21. why why did my app store have to start not working, a week before this update

  22. queen healer is fkn broken