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Clash of Clans – NEW UPDATE IDEAS! BLUE BARRACKS & WATER TROOPS! (Clash of Clans New Update)

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  3. Hi bro, Sup.

  4. Ocean traps would great

  5. Yo mr clashes how do you make your intros can you make a video about it please

  6. I dont want to be like boom beach where u would deploy ur trooops and then they would go straight to ur base i think there should be defenses and loot on shore so raids are more fun and i dont want people to eventually get bored of this game cuz its the same concept but thats my idea

  7. I dont really have any ideas i just think that is how it should work

  8. I think the ocean could be used for troops so what would happen is u would deploy ur troops in the ocean and then ur troops would be carried to shore by a troop carrier than there could be some defenses and loot on shore,because in clash of clans i think its too easy to get loot and remember that supercell wants this game compettive so i think ur water troops would also be able to steal loot on shore

  9. Water troops would be awesome. There's only ground and air troops so it would be so cool. One problem I would see is that it would be like boom beach. Sounds great though.

  10. I personally think that the ocean, sea, strait, whatever body of water should either be kind of like a real life like military pontoon, kinda like a Gunboat from Boom Beach, where you can assign a certain amount of troops to be loaded and placed when your original army is used up; or much like a Hero Deployment pontoon where Heroes are deployed. Defense-wise I guess would be like Weak damage boats out at the body of water much like the range of an Eagle but like said, much lower damage. Resources, they could implement kind of like A Dark Elixir Rig/Platforum; much like the Petroleum and Oil Platfourms and Rigs like we do in the Gulf and North Sea. But water based Barracks would make much more sense too.

  11. Hope you all enjoyed this Clash of Clans New Update Ideas about Blue barracks & Water Troops! #ClashofClans

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  13. if there are water troops how are they gonna attack?

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