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  1. vendo cuenta de clash of clans th 8

  2. This is upsetting. I love queen walks

  3. lame.. the game is getting lame.

  4. lame.. the game is getting lame.

  5. if iny one wanna play Naruto com and sign up in roblox

  6. Tony you are so retarded you. Think29 degrees is a lot but where I live in dubai it is 50 degrees in summer

  7. make best deck for arena 5 for lower level troops

  8. grew to my fav tuber

  9. These game balancing things are crap, in one way. You get all the top end, and gemmers, gemming up the troops, and taking advantage of overpowered troops, and when others are closer to taking advantage, they go and lose all of their advantage!!!
    3 stars should be possible on your top end. It's a reward getting a 3 star. Its frustrating having a game, where you just scrape the barrel. It's frustrating that only certain people get to enjoy these troop advantages. There's got to be a way, where others can enjoy it for a while. Doing it, with defense upgrades is much better, because the troops can be effective for a while. It's crap maxing a troop only to find it's just another piece to crap, because it's been downgraded again! On the contra, it's great upgrading a troop, and find it actually makes a difference. Some of these upgrades are just crap. Alot of the upgrades have just been another gimmick, rather than adding any advantage.

  10. Hat quit rest cycle another.

  11. wth dude ur were at 6000 cups what happens bro

  12. omg who is going to winn

  13. cause shallow certain author marry.


  15. Weres The Face Reavil WTF

  16. it's Tony you can't stay away from him

  17. THUG LIFE made 1,111 comments to 1,112 comments

  18. eshta wants 250 dollars!!!

  19. thank you for still posting coc news General Tony!

  20. Tony can you lower your clan trophies to 2000 so I can join? Send me a message when you change the clan settings. thanks

  21. An upload on my birthday,ohhh yeeaa

  22. hi

  23. plz make your giveway

  24. i knew you lived in london but wonderd why you always said dollars instead of pounds

  25. General Tony formula for success = watch Clash With Ash, copy his opinions, translate to kids. I can't hate, though. It's been very successful for you!

  26. Don't ever stop uploading coc please :), most of my favorite youtubers have stopped.

  27. ok

  28. #GTisthebest. plz keep the CoC vids going cuz most yt'rs r not posting vids on it no more

  29. Do u live in London inglend or London Ontario

  30. Q have you ever been in a life and death experience if yes how did you get out?

  31. All they are doing to CoC is making more stuff for the higher th so they will spend money and gem stuff they don't do anything for the th8 and below

  32. This update better be for th8 or i will start buying GEMS