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Clash of Clans – NEW UPDATE! Inferno Tower, Mortar, Spell Changes

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  1. Where is lvl 4 pekka for th9 and some more defenses and things to upgrade. This game is so fuckin boring now since they changed everything and the loot system is completely jacked up. How can someone with 10k de in there de storage and get raided for 3k de ever single raid and no my pumps where empty. Than just doesn't make since how the fuck am I expose to make any fucking money when raiding is boring war sucks worse than ever and everything is just a crock of garbage that took 3 years to develop and then just unload on us. But no they have time to get th11 more defenses to upgrade and more of everything else. Where is the th10 and below upgrades no where.

  2. level 7 barracks

  3. awesone update

  4. Army camp new ?

  5. Who plays CoC ? Its old

  6. Imagine a gem collector . ??

  7. pls abbonier my channel

  8. buff defense Nerf offense just what we neeeded in the war community because th10/11 3 stars are already too easy




    Mini P.E.K.K.A. : From Clash Royale

    Chain Lightning : Placeholder name? mentions of ZapWizard in certain places.

    Yes Chain Lightning and Zap Wizard make no sense but supercell sometimes writes generic placeholder names in the files for troops. Witches are called Warlocks, Hog Riders are called Boar Riders and Minions are called Gargoyles.
    All this means is that they haven't finalized a name yet so all I have to go on are the file names.

    Character Housing Space HP Training Time DPS Attack Speed Range
    Chain Lightning 8 350 8 m 40 1.8 s 3 Tiles
    In other games chain lightning is a attack that jumps to extra targets for reduced damage. DPS is low because it probably hits more than 1 target.

    Character Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Lab Level HP DPS
    Goblin 7 6,750,000 E 10 d 9 74 52
    Hog Rider 6 150,000 DE 14 d 9 535 118
    Building Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time TH Unlocks
    DE Barracks 7 4,500,000 10 d 10 Rocketeer
    DE Barracks 8 6,000,000 12 d 10 Chain Lightning
    Building Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time TH HP DPS
    Mortar 9 9,000,000 12 d 11 800 15
    Inferno Tower 4 10,000,000 14 d 11 2400 46 multi :: 42 > 155 > 1,550 single
    So many people mentioning that the Inferno Tower lvl 4 was lower than lvl 3. I finally caved and double checked lvl 4 is in fact 14 days same as lvl 3

    Quality of Life Changes

    These are my interpretation of looking at the files I could be wrong.

    Revenges give league bonus

    Revenge stars count towards daily star bonus

    Valkyrie volume appears to be turned down… Volume as in audio / sound not housing space.


    Again these are my interpretation of looking at the files I could be wrong.

    Training time and cost have been reduced for some troops and spells

    Your village layouts have been reset due to an inappropriate layout. Further offenses will lead to increased suspension! For more information about inappropriate Village Layouts, please tap below.
    Village getting reset for an inappropriate layout is probably to prevent people from getting people on enemy clan banned for war. This will keep the matches more even. I think the village gets randomized.

    War Win streak might be tracked and shown on Clan Info Screen

    Skeletons might not trigger traps anymore.

    Huge AQ Walk Nerf

    These numbers are highly subject to change

    Healers might trigger traps once again. This however is contradicted in another part of the files so might not be true.

    Count Cur New
    1 100% 100%
    2 100% 40%
    3 90% 40%
    4 90% 30%
    5 70% 30%
    6 40% 30%
    7 10% 20%
    8 10% 10%
    EDIT: Completely missed this

    X-Bow Buff

    Level Old DPS New DPS
    2 60 70
    3 75 90
    4 80 100

  10. the new weapon just add 2 Chainnnnzzz 😀 thats all

  11. people still play clash of clans. it's so boring now . not even youtuber post it that much

  12. I have not played Clash of Clans since the horrible update, has it gotten any better?

  13. awesome update!

  14. no Nepal flag this time also

  15. thank you

  16. The new mortars look like they are upgrading

  17. did anyone else notice that the 'i' icon for your profile has changed

  18. you have alot to build in your ship (at the end of the vid)

  19. Who cares clash royale>

  20. Make walls cheaper

  21. Omg!!!!!

  22. Aren't the spells already 20 minute to brew.

  23. 1:42 New info button for the Profile top left

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  26. I won't be able to handle another 3 weeks of sneak peaks I pray they learned their lesson from the last shit show

  27. Why the cliff hanger? Just tell us everything!

  28. wish they'd stop just adding spikes and gold to building, it's starting to look gaudy

  29. Uu guys new troops is coming. You can see lvl 7 dark barrack there

  30. So the new theme is chains? I thought it was white stone.

  31. th 11 killed coc tbh