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  1. clan castle troops could be deploy separately like spells and clan castle must have a new level with 2 space for spells and new army camp levels

  2. Well there shoul be challenges from what we can get gems min gem price will be 10 and there will be one daily challenge which will be tough and we will get 50 gems… This can even call those members back who left coc….supercell try it your fans r leaving come on get them back good luck thsnks for the awesome game u have made :)

  3. COC PLZ ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Drink below supposed European

  5. 2ND eagle artillery

  6. i want coc episode

  7. مسارك

  8. Can you do another episode?

  9. I want the necromancer tower! It targets ground and air. It does low damage and has a medium sized radius what it does is if it gets atleast one shot on the troop and it dies it will turn it into a defensive skeleton if its air it will be an air skele if its ground it will be ground skele please like this so general tony can see and it could be mentioned in his next video

  10. Gems Collector

  11. zaping the troops for damage against them

  12. More CoC

  13. I generate free unlimited all here: no survey, works !

  14. a viken

  15. Maybe a spell shield that protects buildings from any spells or walls that air troops that cant go over and maybe a new troop like air bomber that bombs the walls

  16. when the update is coming?

  17. ok that is what I think this should be a water Village and you could buy and all the waters so can be 4 times the range and it will come back different Targets in The Grange come on all the other tel is 4 x 2 inch to combine different targets

  18. And why cant we say anything stupid when you talk shit all the time?

  19. Stop saying you are one of last coc youtubers left its stupid asf and there is many coc youtubers left, they are not just so famous….

  20. new defense should be sparky

  21. can you tell me a good army for th6

  22. general Tony how would we join your clan its closed

  23. it may be possible that the new defence will be a flame thrower

  24. bome towers

  25. I would bring into clash of clans red coins

  26. Motivate prosecution earnings flaap hill compete