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Clash Of Clans – “NEW UPDATE!” LOOT CART / DAILY BONUS! NEW Treasury 2016 Update Overview!

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  1. ever since the new update my device is no longer compatible with the game. any suggestions?

  2. Evry time i see your video's HaVoC Gaming i learn so much for clash of clans i like that keep up the good video's ??

  3. I can't update it,"your device is not compatible with this uodate". Any tips

  4. nic3

  5. Th 7 base pls

  6. and also this update is good if we compare with the th11 update because due to removal of TH snipping that created too hard to get loot at lower TH and also the loot offers were not that good so this will help a loot

  7. I also got that in my base

  8. I haven't got a loot cart yet :D

  9. very nice bonus gold :)

  10. 1st

  11. lol

  12. First

  13. First Nice vid'

  14. ✅?????:(•.•):LIKE

  15. FortsForts