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Clash of Clans – NEW UPDATE March 2016 – Huge Balance Changes!

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  1. i think it will be cool but they shouldn't remove all the cool things we have now they should keep the all in:(

  2. Have you checked your youtube inbox m8 ? I wonder do you like the intro or something else

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  4. Clash of Clans "New Update March 2016 Huge Balance Changes!" Can we hit 30+ Likes? SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! MY GOAL IS 10,000 SUBSCRIBERS!

  5. poison spells dont act on idle defending troops….i think i need to make more archers to take down cc troops ??

  6. my name abhiboby in dark heroes clan

  7. join my clan I invited you

  8. what is that update page link

  9. ????????????????????

  10. nice video bro

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