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Clash of Clans – NEW UPDATE Sneak Peek! Level 7 Balloon, Level 4 Lava Hound, Level 14 Cannon!

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  1. dis is boring…

  2. lol

  3. When is the new update

  4. Why the hell is level 7 loon for TH11? Bullshit -.-

  5. the new update hasnt kicked in yet rite?how does ash have new lvl troops already?

  6. when you do a friendly battle, do you loose the troops you attacked with?

  7. 2 different attacks….you cant compare with those replays…you should have thought about it before you upload it

  8. cannons are levitating damn

  9. ash I know you from forums buddy but good job

  10. How did u get the update already?? I never got it

  11. 3:40 you can hear a door opening :3

  12. That was not a scientific experiment hahaha

  13. ash give me a accaunt please

  14. Nice Video? and thanks for the sneak peek!

  15. Will the lvl 7 loon gonna be available at th10?

  16. How did you get to test out the update

  17. Wow thats some cool shit though

  18. which private server?

  19. yeh

  20. Dont freez the inferno –> see? the bloons die so quic.. wtf man, are u serious? You can try it as many time as u can, why dont try it again with a proper freez? or u did, and you 3 stared, and u have to cheat to show the "differance"

  21. see you coc. I am done upgrading

  22. really nice that supercell gives you this footage

  23. how did ash change the level of his troops?

  24. New golem deck for legendary arena?

  25. Man…. whenever I have nearly maxed out my base and troops new lvl troops come…..

  26. You r Awesome Ash.ur farming videos help a lot.?.

  27. looking like a new dark spell too 🙂 (godsons vid)

  28. the animationes from the mortar and the Wizard tower

  29. ash, snice you are interacting with sc devs, can you request for us,to give king queen for war ? there is lots of request but they does not care,
    king queen really needed for war, if you are a hardcore farmer your queen never gonna wake for long and you can't do war without her.

    plz ash big request ,people gonna attack only twice in a war, after attack done hero heath reset,if they wake . or let us use them for 5 gems for war . 5 gem to activate queen for war. just a idea.

  30. Whoa, Ash is getting the SC update sneak peek footage now! :)

  31. How did you get dev build on an "Ash" account?

  32. I See The difference in freezing the inferno tower -_-

  33. He's on super cells dick now probably suck a kiss ass

  34. looking for anyone who wants to collab

  35. Ash i have some problem in clash royale. I hope you can help me. I asked for your help in your previous video, but i didn't get a reply.

  36. This is not first general tony did it befire

  37. I meant ash

  38. When the update will arrive

  39. 0:45 is the canyon breathing?! wtf?

  40. So can you friendly attack???

  41. 73 new buildings?? More walls at TH11? What else?

  42. Damn i smelt trouble haha

  43. Does that mean th9s get level 3 hounds?

  44. congrata man i like ur coc and cr videos and now ur ar a offcially coc youtuber… love u


  46. Wat, supercell now endorses Ash? I thought it would never happen cos they were ignoring his high quality content for like ever

  47. what is your intro music name!!!!

  48. Lvl-6 rage in ash's video?