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Clash of Clans – NEW Update TH8 Farming Base!! CoC BEST Town Hall 8 Dark Elixir Farming Base!!

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  1. Hi Barcode

  2. can you make th8.5 farming base ?

  3. the attacker can easily get two stars

  4. Hay barcode do mind if I comment to other players to join my clan called CAPTAIN SNIPERS on your vidoes BARCODE 

  5. can u make th8 war base new 2016

  6. super base

  7. The town hall can easily taken out so you won't get the 30% shield

  8. That intro tho ? ? ?

  9. Awesome Base keep it up

  10. nice bro

  11. Nice base Barcode, I will try it out on my max th8 mini account.

  12. im confused thats not a town hall 8 thats a town hall 10

  13. doesn't work :/

  14. Hey guys, I added in an extra archer tower just take one out and replace it with a wizard tower.

  15. barcode wanna battel in clash royal

  16. Barcode keep it up man :D

  17. Fianally First????????

  18. Nixe vid bro