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Clash of Clans – “NEW UPDATE” TH8 Hybrid Base Defense! “NEW TH11 UPDATE” TH8 Trophy/Farming Base!

Clash of Clans – “NEW UPDATE” TH8 Hybrid Base Defense! “NEW TH11 UPDATE” CoC TH8 Farming Base Defense! Leave a like & comment if you enjoyed the …


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  2. wait what. you had 6 Archer towers when th8 only has 5

  3. Wow that´s one sick design! GJ mate!

  4. wizard tewernya kurang 1 gitu aja gk bisa ngedit

  5. u wombat u added 1 extra archer tower

  6. Th 8 has 5 arches not 6. I spent half an hour for nothing

  7. People saying u put too much walls or arch towers no u didn't I'm using this base and it's working like a charm!!i love it thanks n don't mind these idiots claiming to know it all ?

  8. finally i picked this after choosing from almost 60+

  9. TH8 has five archer towers

  10. like :")

  11. Why do people always add shit that are not in that Town Hall like there are not 6 archer towers

  12. or other wise i screwed uo

  13. you added an extra wall….

  14. you used too many archer towers m8 nice way to screw me over

  15. i think you using to many walls

  16. Barcode th8 still have 5 archer towers

  17. umm hey man th8 only got 5 archer tower ..but you used 6 archer tower

  18. Awesome base man. Like said. Using the same. Lets see how it works out!

  19. th 8 has 5 archers not 6

  20. such a painful moment for every farming base which are searching for a good hybrid base