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Clash Of Clans: New Update TH9 Dark Elixir Farming/Hybrid Base – Crows 2.0 + Replays

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  1. Thanks for the credit mate ✌️ – Aphrodi

  2. Think you could edit the video to show some decent th9 attacks against it. Virtually no spells used, no good heroes used. seems like a very easy base to grab de from.

  3. Finally i find version 2 of this base with

  4. school of clash I always make berti war base as a default but I was the first in my base and I got 3 stared so it sucked anyone can this base work as a war base ?

  5. Remember me??

  6. Go channel!

  7. Like!

  8. like :)

  9. Nice I'll try this base out :)

  10. ok thanks

  11. Great video. One question, could you possibly tell me how to make a few modifications to this base in order to make it work for a th9 without xbows? Thanks.

  12. Hell.yeah, i modified the previous model of this base and it doesnt work as well as this new base seems. Thanks bro!


  13. noice base

  14. Good base buddy

  15. cool base

  16. Nice base

  17. can you plz do a videa on pentaLavaLoon Cuz I am vesing a hard maxed th9 with ad lvl 7 so I need to practice

  18. Cool too bad as a th7 I don't think you can make a spawner bade :(

  19. YES TY

  20. Table of Contents:
    0:07 Base Build
    3:01 Base Screen Shot
    3:11 Defense Log
    3:19 Replays

    About this base:
    xBows: Both facing ground & air
    Skeleton Traps: Both set to ground
    Air Sweeper (Up): Blowing bottom left
    Air Sweeper (Down): Blowing upper right

    Features of this base:
    -Extreme DE protection
    -Extremely hard to lure CC
    -Anti Wall Breaking compartments to DE
    -Advance funneling system that leads troops to North and South (avoiding the core of course ;D)
    -Teslas, and xBows protecting DE Storage
    -Giant Bombs in a great funneling position for tier 1 and 2 troops
    -Wide-spread base that causes troops to separate far away
    -4 tile in core so AQ cannot snipe DE
    -Awesome edge spawning space for cool obstacles.